Today was yet another early morning. Skyy Vodka teamed up with one of the great yarn bombers, Magda Sayeg, to cover the town in yarn bombed ornaments. As I've learned from helping London with various projects, yarn bombing can be a lot of work. Who knew? So when Magda reached out for extra hands, London was sure to help. I decided to go with, because what's one more 6am work day? We arrived at Union Square in NY, with coffee and tea in hand. It took 3 hours to make the ornaments look just right. As usual, London was working away; sewing, cutting, tying... while I somehow got away with standing on the sidelines and passing on words of encouragement when need be. Unfortunately, Magda wasn't there so we didn't get to meet the yarn extrordinaire, but we did get to marvel at her beautiful ornaments and felt so proud to be one small part of making her vision come to life. It was well worth the 5:30am alarm.

Until next time,

Chase (London's extremely helpful sister)