Spreading The Love

February has got to be London's favorite month since she's able to adorn the city with love. I thought this would be a nice time to take a look back at the many Valentine's Day themed projects she's created in the past couple of years.

Starting with: 1,000 Hearts

We all remember this one, yes? That time London crocheted 1,000 hearts and hung them up in Union Square. Each heart was numbered and came with a message informing the reader to pass it on to someone as a random act of kindness. After the the first 1,000 hearts were shared, she continued making thousands more and donated all the profits to Knots of Love. Talk about spreading the love.

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And then there was the time London Yarn Bombed the L Train:

Not much explaining necessary. If you don't remember this feat, here's a refresher.

And how can we forget the numerous heart yarn bombs that she made last Valentine's Day?

And so I guess that brings us to this year!

Her latest yarn bombs are doing their job and spreading love and smiles to all that come across these gems.

And (in case you missed it) here's a link to her Valentine's Day collaboration with Common Thread!

Hope your Valentine's Day was full of warmth and love!

xoxo Gossip Girl (Chase)

London Kaye