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Top 6 Reasons to Get Crocheted Bags

December 12, 2017

Admittedly, crocheted bags are not common. However, you never really know you give something new until you give it a try. To wit, check out the following reasons why you should consider making an investment in a crocheted bag or two:



Portability is one of the reasons why crochet bags are so appealing. Rather than the usual Gucci or Chanel bag, you can opt for a crochet bag when you’re doing on a trip when you need to travel light and move around a lot. The portability or crochet bags also usually means that they come in light weights. They’re perfect for small outings and informal gatherings. 



A Change from the Norm

Crochet bags are definitely unique (as a matter of fact, their uniqueness has always seemed to be their most definitive feature). Whenever you feel like taking a break from the usual and you still need a bag that is appropriate and stylish, you can always count on a crochet bag to come to your rescue. They’re just as stylish and trendy as the usual bags that you see about everyday. 


The Appeal of Creativity

Love what you wear, right?

Crochet bags, apart from being made by hand, are also usually works of art and products of ingenuity. For people who love art and creativity, crochet bags are a perfect way to bring that love into fashion. There’s only so many ways through which art can be integrated with fashion. Namshi crochet bags are definitely one of them. 




Styles and Versatility

Crochet bags are really stylish. You also have color versatility with crochet bags, meaning that most of them can be worn with a wide array of clothes and ensemble combinations. If you’re a type of person who moves around a lot and who doesn’t have much time to look at fashion choices, crochet bags are highly appropriate.




It's All In the Fiber

With crochet bags, the varieties of yarn that you stand to get are almost endless. Whether cashmere or alpaca or merino, you can find the perfect yarn that fits your preferences. Every woman will love crochet bags; there’s one for basically everybody. 


They Are Usually Awesome Ice-Breakers

“Oh, I love your bag”

“Well, that’s quite an unusual choice. Where did you get that?”

Ever heard any of these when you wear or have something peculiar on you? Crochet bags are really rare, and you can rest assured that wherever you go with a crochet bag, you’ll most probably have someone come to you and ask you about it.


Article by: Rachel Stinson

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