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November 28, 2018

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Rose Colored Glasses

January 14, 2019

Wednesday was a beautiful day in Los Angeles and my goal was to hang up a yarnbomb. 


Steps to make that happen: 

1. Come up with an idea. On Tuesday, I was inspired by a sweater I sketched and a beautiful bouquet of flowers. 

2. Crochet it! The crochet process took about 10 hours. The rose head was my favorite piece to crochet. 


3. Find a location. I knew the yarnbomb needed to go in a place with a lot of greenery, so when I stumbled upon a beautiful park in Silver Lake, I had to take a look. I walked around the whole thing with a stool and supplies in hand until I found the perfect spot. I walked about 2 miles that afternoon, it was fantastic! 

4. Hang it up. I tied it to the fence as people were passing by. I always love when people start to talk to you. Usually they say things like, "beautiful" or "did you knit that?" 

5. Take a photo. I like to take a lot of photos and video to make sure I have enough content to share on social media. 

6. Pray it doesn't come down. This one is still up. I can tell because of social media posts I am being tagged in. This makes me very happy. 

Keep em' coming! The rain this week is going to be rough on the crochet, but I think it can power through.  



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